Thursday, February 21, 2013

Too much exercise & dessert (<--I know, NOT POSSIBLE;))

Yes, I realize that this was a 4-day week due to President's Day. No, that doesn't mean it seemed any shorter. <Story of my life>

Anyway, this past week I've worked very VERY hard at not overdoing my workouts. Yes, I said overdoing.  Cause, you see, I tend to work out longer than I really need to. What I NEED to do is learn how to exercise for a proper amount of time and not any longer than that. So, the questions I have for myself are the following:
1. How do I get to that point where I'm comfortable with less? The saying goes, "less is more", which is something I definitely need to follow.
2. What workouts are out there that make me feel the burn in a shorter and overall more efficient time?

GAH! The problem is that I don't really know the answers. Well, okay, I sorta don't know. I DO know that I need to shorten how long I exercise. So the past week or so I've been slowly decreasing. Instead of going cold turkey, I've cut work outs by 5 or 10 minutes. Nothing major, but just enough so that I know I'm making improvement, even if it is small and seemingly minuscule  What matters is that I'm actually doing it instead of just telling myself, "Oh, I'll just go longer this time round and the next time I exercise I'll go shorter". Nuuh. Not doing that this time. I'm doing it the right way this time.

The other things going on that I've been working at is not over snacking. You see, the problem I have is having a dessert after dinner because my sweet tooth tells me too. Now, I don't have a problem with dessert after dinner every  night. Or even everyday. (Every meal? Too much? Yeah, thought so..;))
Vanilla Pudding Peanut Butter with thawed cocoa powder & maple syrup combo 

The issue I have is not overdoing it. What starts out as a small little something turns into a full out dessert fest. Like, MEGA! Next thing I know I've gone from comfortably full after dinner to OHMYGOSH I NEED SWEATPANTS full. (Ignoring the fact that I'm usually wearing sweatpants to begin with, in which case I would need BIGGER sweatpants). I'm talking about cutting back from 2-3 portions of dessert (even if it IS healthy because then it turns into too much of a good thing, which I've learned IS possible. But that's for a different story some other blog post).


 So, for example, instead of having 2 small bowls of cereal or 3 squares of chocolate (the dark stuff, really good especially if it's of the  coconut variety..SORRY...RAMBLING...anyway..) I would just have ONE small bowl of cereal (shredded wheat, vanilla almond milk, & peanut butter anyone?) or ONE square of chocolate. 

cocoa powder, maple syrup mix frozen and then microwaved until gooey with caramel rice cake

Sounds simple? It is most definitely NOT! I just love to eat dessert. And snack. But maybe too much. 
turkey, mozzarella, egg wrap with sauteed spinach + salsa and cheddar rice cakes

ALSO, I've been working hard on eating full meals and not skimping (which leads to the mega dessert snacking). Instead of half a baked potato, I need to eat THE WHOLE DARN BAKED POTATO.
It's the little things in life, really :)

So, thank you for reading my ramblings, and if you didn't, I forgive you.

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