H E L L O !! !! !!

Welcome to my small, microscopic corner of the blog world!

 I'm Alex, a self- diagnosed food addict who is a major blog stalker, running lover (although sometimes it doesn't love me....yeah, looking at you ya stupid ankle), gym junkie of a rat, and sappy romantic comedy fanatic.

I started this blog because, well, frankly, the people in my life can't always keep up with the non-sensible ramblings that sound perfectly sensible in my head.
So I decided to take it to print because, gotta love the power of auto check, right?

I'm all about honesty on here, so I'm going to be honest with you; I'm a very messy eater. Like, VERY. To the point where when setting the dinner table, I always have AT LEAST 3 napkins in comparisons to the 1 everybody else receives.

No shame.

MESSY EATER is my contribution to the internet where I tend to ramble, write sentences that don't make sense, and share food.

There's somethings you should know about me and food;

Desserts, Veggies, breakfast, snacks, etc.....

I. Love. Food.

Thank you so much for visiting!