Monday, February 18, 2013

My Weekend of food & fitness

Happy Moan Monday everyone!

Although, it hasn't been that bad of a day over here since I didn't have any classes (thank you Presidents!), so it was a somewhat relaxing day/weekend  if you don't take into the homework reading and online tests and papers to write ;)

Over the weekend I ventured to Marshalls looking for clothes and food. Marshalls and TJ Maxx have the most amazing food that's in random corners of the stores. I discovered a whole area of 'healthy eating' food that is AMAZING!
 Why have I not gone back there before?!
My foodie finds include the famous Love Grown Granola (Apple Walnut Delight flavored) that seems to be everywhere in the blog world, and a new-to-me Sweet & Crunchy Cinnamon Cranberry Almond Rice Stix! 

The Almond Rice Stix are crunchy and chewy all at the same time with a nice tartness coming from the dried cranberries. Very tasty!

I've been eating this little bars straight out of the bag, dipped in peanut butter and on top of greek yogurt with fruit, cinnamon and (of course) peanut butter.  Tasty breakfast   :)

Of course, some greens were consumed.  Key word: some.

spinach  & greens salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, onions

 PROTEIN SNACK PLATE: The best deli ham from Costco, low-fat cottage cheese with herbs, and cheddar rice cakes (so, so addicting; they taste like cheetos, no joke)

 New running shoes!!! So excited; they're Asics Gel Scram and are SOOOOOOOOOOO comfy!! Also vibrant, which I love :)

My version of Compression Socks. Be jealous.

I took these shoes for a trial run on the Mr. Mill.
8.5 miles in 75 minutes. Walked for 3/4 mile. 
Averaged between a 8 min an 8:30 min mile with a 2.0 % incline.

Gotta admit, it was a rough run despite the comfy shoes; partially due to not sleeping well.

 NOTE TO SELF: Don't read in bed for 45 minutes, it causes you to STAY AWAKE FOR +2 HOURS LONGER.

After foam rolling/ stretching for a ridiculous amount of time on and FINALLY showering after many (and I mean MANY) hours of watching the Castle marathon on t.v. (dangerously addicting, I tell ya).

Although, my post-run dinner was extra delicious and the standard meal of bacon parmesaen beef burger with a baked potato, veggies, and COPIOUS amounts of ketchup. And parmesaen. 

1/4 of a bottle of ketchup and parmesaen were added after. <Saved you from the nasty image :)>

Meet two of the loves of my life (besides peanut butter, naturally):

Meet Mr. 'San and Mr. Chuppie. We see each other on a mealy basis (yes, sometimes even for breakfast)

For dessert, one of these guys with my protein ice cream:

That would be a PB & J protein bar made by yours truly. Heaven in ya mouth.

But that's for a whole other post :)


  1. I LOVE the food section at Marshall's! It's a hidden treasure, isn't it? They always have the greatest health foods marked way down (hello, Love Grown Granola!), as well as a good variety of oils, jams, nut butters etc.

    Your peanut butter and jelly protein bars look delicious! Is a recipe coming soon? ;) Also, congrats on completing that run, despite not feeling your best. I bet it felt wonderful to finish! <3

    1. It really is! Yup,recipe coming soon! That quote about never regretting a work out was never truer:)