Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Random Things Tuesday

Day 5 of February = 5 Things

1.  Anyone ever eaten breakfast out of two peanut butter jars? Yesterday I was STARVING for breakfast and had some cereal with yogurt and protein powder and banana and cinnamon (details probably aren't important, but whatever) and scraped every last, um, scrap of peanut butter until there was just my tongue inching in the jar for any last bites (there weren't) and I was STILL hungry so I grabbed my second almost-empty pb jar out of the pantry and proceed to put in all the fixings and consumed that. SUCCESS.

2. Note to self: Next time I run 10.5 miles, remember not to eat a hugh jass salad 2 1/2 hours before.
 'nuf said.

3. To my Physics teacher: What  possessed you to give out a lab, test AND homework on a Tuesday? Don't you know that Hart of Dixie is on? Sigh. Men.

4.  Speaking of obsessions (Hart of of Dixie, NOT Physics..shudder), everyone needs to watch Scandal

Scandal (2012) Poster

No, seriously. I. Am. Obsessed. Fitz and Olivia are my favorite couple besides, of course, Rose and Jack, Buffy an Angel (yes, those are all forbidden loves. The best kind). And if anyone doesn't know who the couples I just mentioned are, SHAME ON YOU. (I joke. Not really).

5. I feel the need to make this . Katie is a genius. And so is the title. Tehe.

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