Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Hump Day!! (humps as in hills, roller coasters, camels backs..)

Happy Hump Day everyone!

For some reason, this weeks has been slow as MOOOOOOOOLLLLAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEESSSSSS.
Or is it just me?

However it's going for you, we are over the hill people! Over that hill! We are descending down, just like that roller coaster at Cedar Point! What was it called, again?


THD and I have a love/hate relationship. You see, I love it when I have an empty stomach, but it hates me when I just ate a GINORMOUS salad full of um, beans and a subway sandwich the size of my face.

Anyway, moving on to real life now because the last time I went on the THD was two summers ago (oh summer, how warm and sunny you are and how I miss you so..)

Classes and life has been CRAAAAAAAAAAAAZY! I forgot that once you reach a certain age, teachers don't care that you have a life and decide to go you massive amounts of homework that make you want to curl up on a couch and watch Titanic (and cry, not drool over Leo..although I do that anyway).

Sigh. I'll never let go.

What was I talking about?
Homework. Besides this thing called 'homework' (what is THAT? WHO INVENTED THAT? WHY?), there's all these tests. One after the other. 

BUT, to get me through these long, suffering school days, I've worked off my frustration by sweating and (of course), eating.   :)

I've been really loving MR. ROW because it makes me feel so dang good. Like, very strong (until I stand up and realize that my entire body feels like jello).

No, that's not me. One, who wears pants to the gym? Too hot. Two, I am NOT a blond. No siree..

Spending 30 minutes on MR. ROW has definitely firmed my body up just a wee bit since I started using it a month and a half ago. 

MR. MILL (aka my treadmill) has been dragging lately. Maybe because I've been staying up later and getting up earlier? Oh well. It's the winter funk that happens every year. (Actually, it was 63 degrees here today <wtfudge?> and tomorrow it's going to be 27 with snow storm, but whatever..)

My favorite part:

My standard sandwich for lunch as of the past 2 weeks has been the above beauty. That, my friends is a whole-grain flat out wrap full of melted mozzarella, ketchup, SPICES, spinach, turkey pepperoni, parmesaen (you can never have too much cheese), ham, and turkey. Eaten with a side of more parmesaen and ketchup on the side to dip AND cheddar rice cakes that taste like cheetos but are actually GOOD FOR YOU.
HOLY YUM!!!!!!
 You can all be jealous. I don't mind.
(And I just realized that I don't really know how to spell parmesaen and am too lazy to look it up on my computer because my fingers are too tired from being used 5 days a week <READ: SCHOOL>)

And of course, my vanilla cake batter protein 'ice cream' has been made NUMEROUS times to go along side my black chocolate 'brownies' and extra peanut butter.

It's like a 'lil party going on in my mouth every time I take a bite.
Side Note: There's no pics of these two beautiful creations together because, well, every time I make them I  they end up getting eaten before I remember to grab my camera. So, yeah. Just use your imagination.

Also, I'd like to thank Menchies for getting me through these difficult times. They've been there when I needed them. 
At least, until my gift card for free fro yo runs out and they leave me no choice but to spend my own money.
(Again, no pic of the fro yo, sorry, because I forgot to take a pic before I inhaled savored every bite. By the way, the peanut butter and strawberry flavors SWIRLED together tastes like legit, straight up pb&j.
Heaven. In. My. Mouth.

More pics (and hopefully of real food this time) to come soon!!

For now, 

 (don't ask)

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