Tuesday, February 12, 2013




Yay! An excuse to eat fatty food!
Everyone, go get a cheeseburger.........(I had one yesterday...ohymygoshsogood)
Or maybe some chocolate avocado pudding?
WHAT?! Yes. You can thank Jessica at howsweeteats because that lady is a darn DELICIOUS GENIUS (I mean that with the up most respect and no creepiness whatsoever, honest).

Between studying for, yep, MORE TESTS, I've had time to um, eat and shower? Maybe with running and strength training thrown in?

Anyway, lately I've been in a rut of sorts with my work outs. I pretty much do the same workouts every week, which can't be beneficial to my body, right? I've read that if you consistantly do the same thing over and over again, you won't see results.
 I can definitely say that this is true.

 Every week I run the same amount of miles on the same days, then strength train or walk for the same amount of time for the same distance and time.
I know that this isn't good, but I can't seem to get out of the rut.

Any suggestions? Tips?
I've been thinking about increasing strength training and decreasing cardio, but I'm kinda sorta afraid. There's a nagging thought that my body won't  improve, even though I know that's not true.

Be not afraid...

Sigh. My mind sometimes always corrupts my logical thinking skills. GRR!!

Okay, rant. Over. Moving on to a happier note, FOOD! MY REASON FOR LIVING! (I joke, don't worry).

Lately, I've been enjoying food of all kinds.

Costco granola bars with sunflower seeds and nutty goodness 

GREEK YOGURT of all flavors. Favorite right now is Black Cherry <swoon>

Vanilla Whey Protein Powder. SO. DARN. GOOD. Tastes like vanilla icing. 
'Nuf said.

Newly replenished stash. YES.

Homemade vanilla peanut butter.

As I was saying earlier, the chocolate avocado pudding Jessica from howsweeteats is GAH! Delicious. 
Scrumpitous (<--ok, that sounds like squid and shrimp..or is that just me?) 

I made it earlier in preparation of FAT TUESDAY, and it did not disappoint.  Can't even taste the avocado. :)
LOVE IT! I will officially be having it tomorrow for breakfast with peanut butter.
pb + chocolate = match made in heaven

I halved the recipe, so it should probably gone by... 8 o'clock tomorrow morning?

Hope everyone had a Happy and Fatty Fat Tuesday!!

 I'll be spending the remainder of it with this guy:

Quite uplifting.


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