Thursday, January 3, 2013


It's 1-3-13 today!

This won't happen again until next January on 1-4-14. Weird, huh? It feels as if the New Year went by really fast and suddenly we're all back at January again. NO!!! I really am not a fan of January. Or February for that matter. And March. Also April. And yes, even May. Basically January- May I don't like. (My apologies to all those who have birthdays, anniversary, etc. during these months. To each her/his own, I suppose). Maybe because during these months it's mostly cold, wet, rainy, dreary, so the natural thing to do is stay inside, watch movies and trash t.v., eat, and also maybe because there's (for some of us), school involved. The countdown after winter break begins and it feels NEVER ENDING until the last day of school arrives. You get back from break and start counting down until Spring Break, then St. Patricks Day (because everyone knows OF COURSE you're supposed to play hookie from work or schools and watch the parade. Wait. St. Patty's is on a Sunday this year......never mind) and FINALLY Memorial Day (yes, it counts, that one day means a lot to some of us).

 But going back to the cold weather; there's just no WARMTH. Your skin gets all pale and dry (unless you're one of THOSE people who carries cream around with them everywhere they go..I'M LOOKING AT YOU MOM), and then when the sun finally emerges and the temperature rises high enough that you don't need to wear 6 layers and extra fuzzy socks, you have to tan in your back yard (because you're so pale it's embarrassing) until your skin looks not so vampire like THEN you can go out with the normal people.

I don't really know where I'm going this ramble.

Any-who, speaking of  New Years Day (I wasn't, was I? Oh well), my family and I celebrated with the traditional Vasilopita (similar to this recipe, but we omit the almonds).

t's a sweet bread made for Easter and New Years. During Easter we braid the dough and put a dyed red egg in the center. For New Years we put in a foil wrapped coin and cut pieces for everyone. Who ever ends up with the coin is supposed to have  good luck for the rest of the year. 

(I've gotten the coin a few years ago and just managed to pass Biology. That in its self is pure luck right there).
Well, THIS year when we cut the bread, the coin JUST SO HAPPENED to be smack dab in the middle between my piece and my brothers. Hmph. Personally, speaking from a completely unbiased and non-prejudiced point of view, I'd say the coin was 70 % embedded in my piece and 30 % in my brothers'. But no one did and now we're sharing it. 

Although, really, I think I need the luck more considering my pale skin that needs help tanning and walking in heels. <--(-that needs MAJOR luck, as in it will take a miracle.)




  1. The sweet bread looks yummy. I'm a fan of any bready/cakey items, especially when they're combined!


    1. That's my favorite type of bread, too! Anything with doughyness I LOVE :)