Monday, December 31, 2012

Gooooodbye 2012


No, really; HOW? Where did the year go? WHERE? I don't remember much of the year, to be honest (and no, I wasn't high, drunk, or in a coma, I swear). 
It feels like the older you get (and I'm really not that old. honest.), the less you remember. Or maybe the faster time goes? Or maybe all of the above?

Inserting a big self-suffering sigh here.  Because of this 'revelation', I've determined that in 2013, I need to make more delicious and messy food.  Also, maybe finally figure out how to walk in high heels for longer than 3 minutes and somewhere that's not my home. And possibly discover the secret of taming my lion's mane hair? 
Any tips? Maybe something that doesn't include mayonnaise? (which, I'm sorry to say, has already been tried. As in, taking a jar of mayo and lathering into my hair because my mother claimed it was a good idea and then just resulted in me sitting for 20 minutes with mayo-covered hair, rinsing with shampoo, drying, and finally ending up with mayo-scented hair that smells as unappetizing as it sounds).

So, please people, anything besides mayo?

Anyway, my goal for this year has been to watch 2012 before 2013 (if that makes sense to anyone). This film was an obsession of mine when it came out in 2009. It honestly made me excited for 12/21/12.

2012 Poster

 Of course, when the day actually came and went, I was slightly depressed, but also sorta kinda happy because, let's be honest, I definitely would NOT be one of those people who made it onto the arcs and survived. I'd probably be the person running to the supermarket and buying up all the non-perishable foods (ie: dark chocolate, cookie butter, and pretzels) and then attempt to bribe the officers in charge of those crafty Noah's-Arc-Copy-Cats with my goodies.

Pathetic? Yes.
 True? Sadly.

So, let's hope for a new year full of food, laughter, and most importantly, mayo-free hair.


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