Thursday, January 10, 2013

Foam Roller Murder (and what fuels my runs as of late)

Yesterday during my run I was thinking about (besides not tripping, veering off the treadmill <yes, I'm a wimp and run inside, in my basement, with a t.v.> and into the the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band poster my Dad got AGES ago) how often I stare at those men in outrageously colorful outfits.
 I mean, I've been running in the basement for a good 4 years and every time they stare at me with their smirfy smirky expressions (my opinion), it just makes  me want to hurl my i pod at them until I realize that, well, IS MY I POD. And that I'm too broke to fix it or get a new one. It's already too cracked from dropping it on my previous runs. 
(not my fault)

cracked i pod. I know, I'm abusive.

The past month or so I've increased my runs from 5-6 miles to 8-10. This has been a HUGE accomplishment on my part because it took me a good 6 months to build up my endurance after taking a break from running due to health reasons.
There have  been MANY injuries during these 6 months (yeah, I'm talking about YOU ya stupid ankle).


NOT my foot. I swear

But recently my runs and overall work outs have been A-MAZING. With an emphasis on the A-MAZING
Maybe partly due to the fact that I've started to actually stretch? As in, more than a quickie 2 minute stretch down to my pointy toes and back up? I got a foam roller for Christmas and WHOLY MACKRAL does that thing work! I mean, sure it feels like murder while I slowly and painfully roll my muscles over it, but the after effects are worth it.

 the murder weapon, in all it's shady glory

At least, that's what I tell myself while I'm rolling.

Besides the A-MAZING effects of foam rolling and stretching (who woulda' thunk, right?), FOOD (my love) has played a big roll. <---ha ha, get it? 

GREEK YOGURT! Dannon Oikos came out with a (new to me) brand of greek yogurt  called TOASTED COCONUT VANILLA. May I just say that this stuff is like crack in a container? Like crack on a spoon..then in your belly.
Too weird?

The BEST fuel that has powered me through my latest work outs is hands down this coconut ( I'm obsessed) berry banana bread that I made a few nights ago. I had 6 extra ripe bananas needing to be used up before my father "accidentally" threw them out because of their smell (he just doesn't understand how precious those babies are) so I created my own banana recipe with some rather interesting ingredients. Recipe to come soon! (Cuz I know everyone's so eager..;))

I've been eating a large amount (read: half a loaf) the night before my morning runs/ work outs and feel SO full of energy! It's full of yummines (yes spell check, that is a word) and is especially tasty with TOASTED COCONUT VANILLA(<---it deserves the extra emphasis. trust me) greek yogurt.

Of course, there's SOO much more food, but if I put all of them in this post, you'd likely be reading until tomorrow. 

For now, I'm off to go mourn over the last of the coconut banana bread that I just finished for dessert after dinner. <sniff sniff>

Poor thing. It didn't even last 2 days.

And that was the 2nd loaf.

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