Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bare with me here

<Deep breath>

 Hello Blog World!
I've been creepin' for sometime(not going to specify exactly how long because that would be just slightly embarrassing to admit), and am now taking a plunge into this blog headfirst. Hands out in front of me. Eyes WIDE open.


Please, be kind. I'm new. I guarentee you I'll have about a million and one mistakes and awkward posts in the near and not so distant future.

It's inevitable, truthfully and sadly.

So, what's the purpose of this?That's simple.


Food is one of the most amazing things about life. 

It deserves to be savored, cherished, hoarded<don't say you've never done it>, and most of all, celebrated.

On here, I'll have random recipes, random ideas, and most of all, random rambles. Feel free to ignore those rambles, but I warn you, they're going to be frequent. Um.....more like consistent.

For now, that's all I'm going to ramble about.

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