Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Long time no....talk

Hey there blog! So, about that 14 month hiatus....yeah, sorry about that. NOT intentional. You know how sometimes you have motivation to do things and then they just..disappear? Well, that happened to me for about a year or so. Maybe a little more. HEY, I'VE BEEN BUSY WITH LIFE. Although, to be honest, there hasn't been anything extraordinarily remarkable about what I've been doing. Just more school with papers, exams, finals, you know the drill.
 But now, HELLO SUMMER. What the heck took you so long to come around?
 Now for three glorious months off from anything having to do with the dreaded C word (you know, the one that rhymes with knowledge). Time to get a crack-a-lacking with this blog o' mine. Cuz I know ya' missed me, right?

Don't answer that.

So here's the top ten reasons why I love summer and all its glory, because I'm really loving lists and I think it's going to be a new thing of mine to just make lists in every post. FUN FUN FUN! ;)


1. Sunshine = tanning = no sickly, vampire-looking skin that looks HORRIBLE on a Greek person (disgrace to all Greeks, I tell ya)

2. Fruit, fruit, MORE FRUIT in season; berries, pretty much anything that is in the fruit category gets me FAR to excited. Especially when there's reduced produce at the supermarket and you can get a HUGH JASS bag of slightly old but still good fruit for one buck. Yes, a buck. That'd be a dolla'. Priceless (okay, not really but you get where I'm going with that, right?)

3. (An extension of 2) MAKING CRUMBLES WITH SAID FRUIT. Best. Thing. Ever. Seriously. I honestly can't think of anything better than fruit crumbles topped with cool whip <--obsessed, ranks even higher on my list than vanilla ice cream (GASP..I KNOW..HOW COULD I).

4. Tank tops. Sleeveless shirts. I really truly HATE sleeves during the summer. I mean, why the heck do we lift weights and strength train and use the rowing machine (just me?..okay then..) if we're not going to show off our sculpted arms? Muscles? <-- (pronounced MUSS-KULLS) SHOW OFF YOUR  ARMS LADIES (MEN? IF YOU'RE READING).

5. Walks. Outside. Okay, I love the gym and all (I'm a gym rat. Like, the very definition of it. Look it up in the dictionary. That's my picture), but sometimes I get stir crazy. Going outside is SO refreshing instead of looking out the stinking window all the time. AMMMMMazing.

6. Barefoot. Freeing, airy, MY FEET CAN BREATHE. After months of being constricted to the dark, suffocating cover I call my socks and shoes, FLIP FLOPS ALL THE WAY. Except, you know, when you're running. Or at the gym. Or walking (POWER walking, that is). Then I'd recommend wearing some sneakers. Cuz, you know, it's not as easy as it looks to run in flip flops. Really, I've tried.

7. Fro Yo. Congratulations, you officially have a valid reason to get frozen yogurt nearly everyday. IT'S HOT, YOU'RE SWEATING, YOU NEED TO COOL DOWN. Forget ice cream; fro yo is OF COURSE healthier than ice cream because, DUH, IT'S YOGURT. RIGHT? RIGHT?! That's a solid argument, right there. Don't let anyone else tell you any differently. Amen.

8. More time to watch anything and everything on the telly (no, I'm no British, quit looking at me like that). During the summer I usually catch up on tv shows I've missed during the school year because, HELLO, NO TIME = NO LIFE = ISOLATION FROM ALL THINGS ENTERTAINMENT.
Top of my list this summer--Castle, Scandal, Bones, Vampire Diaries, more that I'm probably forgetting but will remember once I hit 'publish' because that's the way my life is.

9. BOOKS. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to read and when I don't have time it literally drives me insane. During the school year I probably read about a book every two months. That, my friends, is sad. Truly, embarrassingly, sad. (Sniff inserted here). Now, in the past week I've been off, I've read 3 books. THREE. YES. THREE. It's been...glorious. Sigh. If you don't like to read novels, don't tell me. I'd rather remain in blissful ignorance rather than know that sad fact about you.

10. Um...blogging, DUH.

There ya have it. Top ten. Right there. In truth, there's probably more to add on to make it something like the top hundred, but, once again, MY MIND IS BLANKING. That and I don't think my fingers could handle that much typing. Read: at all.

Now, it's time to go practice #1 and #4. Two bird with one stone, right?
 (Now that I'm thinking about that phrase, I'm starting to realize just how violent that is. Seriously. HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT?
Why the heck would anyone even want to kill a bird, let alone two, with a stone.
No freaking idea.

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