Tuesday, December 18, 2012

meet Cy & Row

So, lately I've been mildly fascinated by this machine at my gym that's been there for god-knows-how long. Every time I go to the gym, I get on this machine that I call Cy (the brand name is Cybex). He (Cy) and I have been together going on a 3 years and 3 months so far. And we haven't gotten tired of each other.

Meet Cy.


Anyway, so the rowing machine is positioned almost in front of Cy, so it's been staring at me for a long time. Like, A LONG TIME. Well, a week or so ago I decided to cut my time with Cy short and head over to introduce my self to Row.  And my gosh it was love at first pull. I didn't think I'd love this little guy more than Cy, but I think it's just about neck-and-neck. Row takes care of your WHOLE ENTIRE BODY. 
Who does that? 
 Definitely NOT Cy (no offense, buddy)

My new found love; Row.

 I'll tell ya, he's a wonder, that Row. 
However, I think Cy may be getting jealous because he has had his time cut short ever since last Sunday.

Don't tell him this, but I have a date with Row tomorrow.

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